How to find the best pre-school for your kid?

How to find the best preschool for your kid?

There are plenty of preschools around you wherever you are in the city. Some are regular play schools, some are Montessori schools, some are expensive and some aren’t. How do you find what’s right for you when you google ‘the best preschool near me’? Here are some pointers that might help you decide what’s best for your little one/s. Some of them are questions you should ask yourself and some are pieces of wisdom that comes from our experience as an established preschool in Chennai. Let’s begin.

Step1: Consider the practicality first. Timing, proximity, cost and most importantly, staff to children ratio. If these parameters are satisfactory, we can get into other criteria.

Step2: Learn more about the reputation of the school. This matter, because it depends on the teachers/caretakers employed in the particular preschool/nursery and also the kind of treatment that kids receive in the school. Ideally, we should know the training and background of each of the faculty. At Garden Kids, we have an ensemble of experienced and well-trained staff and we urge you never to hold back any of your questions at the time of admission.

Step3: Find out the working philosophy of the school. Ask yourself, how would you like to bring up your kids? What are the values that you think are the most important and does the preschool has a similar ideology? Is it a Montessori that you are looking for? Once these questions about educational philosophy are answered, your search would have narrowed down.

Step4: Check out the infrastructure and facilities of a few preschools around you and find the best one. Garden Kids has a fabulous campus with playgrounds, gardens, and aquariums, which few schools offer. Find out if it is enough for your kid to explore and learn. If you are satisfied with the campus, then we have a decision.
Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming. But what part of parenting isn’t? So, let’s look around and find the best for your kid. As always.

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