Why shouldn’t parents compromise with Pre-KG admission?

Garden Kids

Pre-KG is the first big step to your kid’s future. Choosing one can be tough because there are so many options and so many things to consider. Let us make it simpler. Here are the reasons why you should not go for Pre-KGs or Montessori just because it’s famous or expensive.

Pre-KG is your kid’s window to the world: This is the first time your kid is going to be own their own even if it’s under supervision. They need most care and guidance in the first few weeks. That’s why Garden Kids have only experienced professionals as staff so that your kid feel comfortable and safe. Once they get over the initial anxiety, we have everything to make their time worthwhile.

This is when they find new friends: For the first time, in a kindergarten, they are going to meet a lot of humans who are just as fussy as them. It’s going to be a different universe and to make it through, they need an environment that is supportive and loving which is wha Garden Kids is all about. This is a space where they feel at home. There are lots of things they can do with their new friends. They will play indoor, learn from the nature and fill their days with fun and happiness.

Freedom is order of the day: At Garden Kids, we don’t restrict kids from exploring their world. We just make sure they are safe and happy. But in a lot of montessory and Pre-KG schools, people see it as a place where the kids are confined to a room and made to play with the available toys. At Garden Kids we help them discover their primary interests and nurture their inner talents. In other words, this is not your ordinary playshcool. Our dedication goes beyond just taking care of kids while the parents are at office.

In short, if you are still looking for a Pre-KG, check out Garden Kids Pre-KG run by the reputed Green Valley School. Here, we don’t just take care. We nurture.

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