a) Arrival time:

We recommend all children arrive at school at 9.00 am so that we can begin instruction on time. Your child must arrive in the classroom no later than 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the class at 9. 15 a.m.

b) Lingering:

Parents or attenders are not permitted to linger in the classroom while dropping their child inside the school. Parents may not remain in the classroom past 9.00a.m. Please DO NOT disturb the teachers during arrival as they must promptly begin the school day.

c) Absences:

If the parent is planning a vacation or the child will be out of school for extended days the parent must notify the school as soon as possible of the child’s anticipated absence. Children who were absent due to an illness for more than 3 days, must produce a medical certificate on their return.

Children with infectious diseases like measles, chicken pox, and mumps are encouraged to come back to school only after the infectious period is over as advised by a doctor We strive to meet the needs of all the children and families in our school. Please feel free to consult us on any issue

d) Pick up

Parents are responsible to pick up their child after school. Please do not be later than 15 minutes.

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